Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – A Custom Cake & A Night In

Sweet and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other doesn’t have to be an extravagant night out. You can still show how much you care, without going overboard- especially if the relationship is new and budding.

Create a Valentine’s Date “in-a-box”!

The first idea is to surprise your beau with a large, decorated box. Inside this box they will pull out whatever gifts you selected for them, along with a romantic or favorite movie. Include fleece pajamas and hot chocolate for a supreme snuggle date!

Finally, in the box, wrap two paper plates and forks. Your lover will be confused at the forks for a moment, until you walk in with a gorgeous, custom cake for you to share.

Not in a Relationship?

You can always celebrate single-awareness day with a penguin cake!



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