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If you are newly engaged, let us start with congratulations to you both! This is such an exciting time in your life. The thrill of being a bride and becoming a wife will last long after your wedding day. Before you walk down the aisle, you and your future spouse have a lot of decision making to do.


There is much to consider when planning your reception and, among the details, your wedding cake ranks as a top priority. Bakeries have come a long way with creating unique designs to fulfill the dreams of bride’s for the perfect wedding cake. Most bakeries have endless choices for flavors, frosting, filling, flowers, colors, ribbons, tiers, and shapes.


First, you’ll want to start browsing the Internet and wedding magazines to get a general idea. To help you further narrow down the options and focus on what you should consider when choosing a wedding cake, read on below.


The following tips have been provided by eHow in their article “How to Choose a Wedding Cake“.


1. Take a look at your guest count. The first tier of a cake is reserved for your first anniversary. Make sure the rest of the tiers provide enough cake for your guests.


2. Visit the bakery and do some cake testing. Classic Cakes is always happy to supply you with various flavors of to sample. Some typical flavors are chocolate, yellow, white and marble. For a unique taste, ask us about our fantastic custom flavors.


3. Now that you know the flavor you want, it’s time to decide on a design. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering the design.

– Would you like the tiers to be round or square shaped?

– Do you want the tiers to be stacked upon each other or separated?

– Do you want flowers? If yes, what color, where and how many?

– Is it important to monogram your cake with your initials?

– Do you want a filling?


Wedding Cake
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Wedding Cake Design
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If you’re confused at all, feel free to ask us any and everything about your future wedding cake. We have plenty of fantastic pictures of previous work on our website and, as we’ve been specializing in custom cakes for years, we have plenty of useful ideas and advice for you soon-to-be brides.

And here you have the basic steps needed in order to start planning the creation of your wedding cake. Once you’ve decided on the size, flavor and design, it will all come together flawlessly and you’ll be provided with the beautiful wedding cake of your dreams.


Your wedding cake is a reflection of your personal style as a couple. From the design down to the frosting, the cake is a symbol of the love you share and we can’t wait to create it for you!

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