Wedding Cake Tasting Party Ideas

tasting partiesRed Velvet, White, Chocolate, Marble, the list goes on and on for cake flavors.  One of the best parts of planning a wedding is sampling cake.  How can you possibly make this an even better experience? Throw a wedding cake tasting party!  Invite your bridesmaids over and make an afternoon of it.

If you are really trying to narrow down what flavor frosting goes best with the cake type for your wedding, it is great to get a second, third and fourth opinion to make sure that your guests are satisfied.

Once you put your guest list together and receive the RSVP’s for the afternoon start baking.  Make sure that you have enough samples for the amount of “judges” that are coming over.  Maybe keep a few extra aside for your fiancé so he doesn’t get jealous over all the cake you are eating without him! We recommend using biscuit cutters to make evenly cut samples, but if you don’t have biscuit cutters, you can always cut small sample sizes for everyone.  Or another fun idea is to make cake pops for your friends to sample, they are super easy to make as well.

When laying out the cakes, group them by type and frosting.  This way when passing out the samples you can be assured that you are giving out the same samples at the same time.  This could lead to confusion when someone’s #4 sample is different than another #4 cake.

We also recommend using a palate cleanser in between cakes.  Sometimes frostings can have a powerful flavor and can remain on your taste buds when moving from one sample to another.

If you follow along with our easy steps above you will definitely have a great party with amazing desserts to help decide what you would like to do for your wedding.

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