Wedding Cake Trends for 2013

Wedding Cake Trends for 2013 

With each new year and as more couples get engaged, wedding vendors go back to the drawing board for new ideas to keep up with the interests and demands of future brides. A traditional and unforgettable part of your wedding reception is the wedding cake.

A new 2013 trend in the wedding cake world is lace wedding cakes. Lace gives a cake more dimension, a taste of elegance, and a lot of charm. Lace is a versatile method, it can be used to dress up a cake for flair or take it down a notch to look vintage.

According to Wedding Elation, there are four different types of lace cakes.

Vintage lace. “If you plan to wear the vintage-inspired wedding gown on your wedding, why not to have the vintage lace cake since the vintage is the hottest trend nowadays.” You can dress up the room with vintage lace linens as well.

Traditional lace. For a traditional wedding, this classic lace style will complement the decor perfectly. “Decorate the white cake with the lace in neutral hues for adding the delicate and feminine feel to it.”

Modern lace. For a neat twist, you can “simply opt for the cake in bold hues such as the pink cake with the grey lace.” Adding black lace to a pure white cake makes the cake stand out and look sophisticated.

Mix and match lace. “If you want to amaze your guests with the wedding cake, consider ordering the exclusive cake with the mix and match patterns.” Try adding ribbons, flowers, monogrammed letters or ruffles for a new look.

Wedding Cake Trends  Wedding Cake Trends

You can view more samples of lace wedding cakes by visiting Wedding Elation by clicking here.

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