Wedding Cake Trends for the New Year

Wedding Cake Trends for the New Year

From the moment the bride and groom cut into their wedding cake together, they embark on a journey filled with beautiful memories. As more traditional styles of wedding cake fall to the wayside, creative license is being made for fresher designs and artsier creations. 2017 was a year filled with many fresh styles, and 2018 will be no different.

Here we elaborate on some of the year’s most creative wedding cake trends that we project will also be popular well into the New Year.

Old Hollywood Cakes

If you’re attracted to the sparkle of vintage glamour, then you’ll love the metallic designs of an old Hollywood cake. A few years ago, brides were pining over all-white cakes with tiny flourishes of gold or silver, but now, the metallic trend has expanded to include Art Deco designs, geometric patterns, and generous portions of pixie dust. Many bakers also use edible glitter to achieve this effect.

Black Wedding Cakes

According to edgy brides everywhere, 2017 is the year of the all-black wedding cake. A black matte finish created by stark ebony frosting creates a more moodier, dramatic first impression, which more and more brides have been attracted to this year. Odd color combinations, like yellow and black and peach and black paired with tropical toppings like grapefruit and lemon, are eye-catching and will command attention from far-reaching corners of the room.

Watercolor Wedding Cakes

Delicate watercolor designs create feelings of warm romance as the cake itself becomes the artist’s classic masterpiece. For a more subtle statement, many brides have chosen designs inspired by Monet Lilies, gold leaf, and jewel tones, just some of the elegant features these special cakes are hand-crafted with.

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