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This is a new venture for us and we are very excited to share with you some of the happenings around Classic Cakes.  Our posts will vary from news about the store, photos of cakes we have done, some “how did we do that” stories, unique anctedotes about orders we have taken, and helpful advice.  We hope you find our blog interesting and informative!

It is interesting that people will look at a photo of a cake and ask us how many the cake serves or they will just say that they want a cake that size.  When they come to pick it up, sometimes they remark that the cake is not as big as they thought it would be.  It is very hard to judge the size of a cake by a photo.  This was illustrated very well ( and accidentally) when I was looking through some photographs this week.

Here is a photo of a recent cake that we did.

Good job Jenny!

Looking at the photo, it is difficult to tell how big the cake is.  But things get even more complicated when you look at the next two photos.  These were taken while Jenny was working on the cake.


Is this a big cake or a small cake?

  We have the ability to show you exactly the size of your cake.  We have styrofoam dummy layers that we can stack or assemble so you can see just what your cake will look like.  If you ever have a question about the size of your cake, always ask the person helping you with your order.  If there is no styrofoam available, we can use our baking pans to help you visualize the size of your cake.

Just remember…perspective changes everything. Never assume!

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