What is the “Groom’s Cake”?

You picked out the perfect cake and of course this was your fiancé’s favorite part, but it doesn’t have to end there. The old tradition of a groom’s cake is making a comeback and allowing couples to be even more creative than before. Your mom wanted you to have the beautiful white cake with intricate piping and you fell in love as well, but your groom’s opinion was lost in the shuffle. A groom’s cake is the perfect opportunity to show personality.

A groom’s cake can be used in a variety of ways, whether it is the cake for the rehearsal dinner or just a 2nd cake at the wedding. No matter what the use make sure you highlight your guy. You can have a cake painted to look like his favorite candy bar, or a chocolate cake with a monster truck parked on top. Whatever you do just make sure it makes an impact. If you going to have a second cake might as well make it perfect!

If you want the groom’s cake, but think it will be too much, then use it as a favor. Arrange for your caterer to cut the cake and place in boxes for guests to take home as a midnight snack. In the Victorian ages this was the tradition. The other tradition was from single women to sleep with it under their pillow in hopes their prince charming will come. With a groom’s cake you can have and your cake and eat it too.



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